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Tough tech solutions for schools and students
Tough tech gear for schools, government, students, adventure

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Prepare to last long and grow with each investment in technology

Many schools and businesses have a humble quantity of iPads, with hopes and plans to grow the fleet in future years. Quality and good choices means your can build upon your investment in technology.

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Choosing the right technology for your school
For educators, choosing mobile technology such as iPads and the accessories around them can be tricky. The benefits of technology are an educator’s specialty – enhanced learning, and new scope for engaging students and multiplying their learning – while the technology overall is often not a school’s strongest skill set. Read more»
7 tips for BYOD Back to School
More schools are offering bring-your-own-device, or BYOD programs, for children to bring their own iPad, tablet or laptop to school to use in class. This reduces the impact on the school’s budget, but also makes students and their parents responsible for protecting the iPad to, from and at school. Here are 7 tips on what you should consider for your school-going iPad or tablet. Read more»
Reducing school technology admin cost and time
Schools have so much clever technology for students and teachers to use – iPads, Surface Pro, tablets, iPods. Laptops, notebooks. 3D printers, scanners, cameras... and the management of it all comes back to the IT Co-ordinator or Manager. Read more»
Clever accessories for your current technology for more learning opportunities
You have invested well in great devices for your school. So now think about what functional, helpful, innovative accessories can help you do more with them. Read more»

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