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iPads and tablet cases for schools
Waterproof cases for mobile phones and tablets

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iTravel: power and protect your mobile devices on your adventure

Travelling with mobile phones, tablets, cameras and more is easy...


Keeping your gear powered up with a portable battery power bank, and protected from drops, water, dust and more when you are travelling can be hard. Our devices not only record our trip, but help us keep in touch with family, friends and safety.

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Charging station saves space, power points - and sanity

Do you have a few (too many) devices in your home or work what ALL need to be recharged at once?

Are you sick of EVERY power point having an AC adaptor in it?

Then a recharge station which can recharge up to 10 devices from one power point may be just the solution for your workplace or kitchen bench.

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Keep Dad powered up this Father's Day

Dads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and spend their time doing different types of things. Here are some great gift ideas for YOUR kind of Dad.

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Flip the classroom

‘Flipping the classroom’ once meant a big mess and furniture on the ceiling, but now it refers to shifting the learning process to bring students into the delivery of the lesson, as an author, contributor and curator.

Access to technology - in the classroom, and for the students at home - is the only way to turn this ‘interesting idea’ into a reality.

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Cheap + good iPad case

We are asked so often "What is a cheap and good iPad case?". And now we have another really good answer.

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