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iPads and tablet cases for schools
Waterproof cases for mobile phones and tablets

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Portable power pack to jump start your travel

Whether you are travelling or just running a busy life with a car full of kids or clients, NOTHING wrecks the day more than a flat car battery. Or if it’s on the water, a boat battery that just won’t kick over, leaving you stranded, or ruining a perfect day’s fishing before it’s even begun.

Times like these you wish you had the solution in your pocket. Well, now you can.

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6 tips for buying a school-proof iPad case

More schools are offering bring-your-own-device, or BYOD programs, for children to bring their own iPad to school to use in class teaching. This reduces the impact on the school’s budget, but also makes students and their parents responsible for protecting the iPad to, from and at school.


So what should you consider for your school-going iPad? Here are our top 6 tips on what you should focus on.

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Top iPad cases for school children

Here are our favourite iPad cases and covers for the toughest of environments - the school bag...

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