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Choosing the right power-sync system for your school

As the use of iPads and tablets in schools has grown, so too have the options for managing them. By managing devices, we mean:

  • Recharging them
  • Updating software on them
  • Securing them

Product manufacturers of systems to recharge and update or ‘sync’ devices have responded with a slew of options for teachers and ICT co-ordinators to use. But how to choose which one is best for you? Powered Life outlines the benefits of and things to watch for each type.

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Maximising iPads and tablets in special needs classrooms

Teachers work miracles in special needs education, significantly extending the skills, experience and engagement for our most special children. iPads and other mobile technology have brought so much opportunity into special needs classrooms, and we wouldn’t be without them now.


However there are challenges of maintaining iPads and tablets in the classroom, such as protecting them from damage, as well as reducing the time needed to power and sync them plus having the right accessories to help each child to get the most from technology.


Here are our top three tips for special needs classes.

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Maximising iPads and tablets in the classroom

Any parent can attest to the skill of primary school teachers, who take our excitable, energetic rascals and with skill and patience, teach them not only facts and lessons, but how to learn in a classroom. iPads and mobile technology have added to the tools these miracle workers have in their cache, giving them new scope for engaging, teaching and exciting kids at school.


But how can a school reduce the cost of maintaining a fleet of iPads and tablets for their students, ensuring that there are devices available for more children, and for longer, at less cost?

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