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iPads and tablet cases for schools
Waterproof cases for mobile phones and tablets

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What's on these holidays?

Thanks to our friends at What's On 4, check out this great selection of events and activities for the April school holidays across Queensland, Sydney, Newcastle, Western Australia, Adelaide, Perth and Melboure.

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Extend learning with electronics

For parents, schools and therapists, finding new ways to extend children who aren’t into arts or music can be challenging, however looking to technology and electronics may be the answer.

Imaging the learning opportunities in building electronic circuitry to achieve specific outcomes, such as building a cold fireplace, or a waving hand activated by sound. Not only is it learning the rules of electricity (though in a safe, 9V battery kind of way, of course), but also cause-and-effect relationships between modules.

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Manage iPad fleets from your phone: New Bretford app

iPad management is one of the busiest tasks for your ICT co-ordinator. Not only is there software to update, but keeping dozens or hundreds of iPads recharged and secure in various places around your school can be a big task.

But now there is an app that makes a difference.

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Power for 10: new iPad, Tablet and Chromebook stations released

Many schools have been looking for a cost-effective solution to charge, sync and store iPads and tablets. This is it.

Carry baskets are a key feature of new products, which were released last week at Future Schools Expo in Sydney. The three new products each manage 10 devices, but offer solutions for different devices.

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Portable power pack to jump start your travel

Whether you are travelling or just running a busy life with a car full of kids or clients, NOTHING wrecks the day more than a flat car battery. Or if it’s on the water, a boat battery that just won’t kick over, leaving you stranded, or ruining a perfect day’s fishing before it’s even begun.

Times like these you wish you had the solution in your pocket. Well, now you can.

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