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iPads and tablet cases for schools
Waterproof cases for mobile phones and tablets

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5 tips on using a solar charger for your mobile phone
Having a solar charger for your mobile phone or tablet means you can recharge your gear anywhere the sun shines. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your solar charger, whether this is for camping or everyday. Read more»
Christmas Gift Ideas for people who love technology
Picking the right gift for family and friends who love technology just got easier, with the release of new ideas to help them take their favourite device away camping, to school or even to work. Read more»
Product Review: LittleBits Electronics
Opening up LittleBits feels like a chocolate box. A geek, STEM chocolate box. Inside is a delectable selection of 'bits' that make things whirl, turn and move through electronics and coding. Ohh, goodie! Read more»
Product Review: Osmo Game for iPad
I opened Osmo Game System from Tangible Play full of hope, but with a background thought of “what if this is another waste of money?”. Read more»
Keep your school technology compatible to save money
“Yes, we already have iPad cases – really good child-friendly ones bought last year. This year we need an iPad cart.” Then the problem becomes clear. Read more»

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