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iPads and tablet cases for schools
Waterproof cases for mobile phones and tablets

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Flip the classroom

‘Flipping the classroom’ once meant a big mess and furniture on the ceiling, but now it refers to shifting the learning process to bring students into the delivery of the lesson, as an author, contributor and curator.

Access to technology - in the classroom, and for the students at home - is the only way to turn this ‘interesting idea’ into a reality.

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Cheap + good iPad case

We are asked so often "What is a cheap and good iPad case?". And now we have another really good answer.

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Otterbox VS Gumdrop: Product Review

When you really use an iPad or tablet - for work, in the classroom or healthcare - you really need to protect it with a case or cover. Schools, families and businesses in particular are asking us: which is the best protective case for my device?

Here is our review of two of the most popular protective cases for iPad, tablet and mobile phones: Otterbox Defender and Gumdrop Hideaway.

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What's on these holidays?

Thanks to our friends at What's On 4, check out this great selection of events and activities for the April school holidays across Queensland, Sydney, Newcastle, Western Australia, Adelaide, Perth and Melboure.

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Extend learning with electronics

For parents, schools and therapists, finding new ways to extend children who aren’t into arts or music can be challenging, however looking to technology and electronics may be the answer.

Imaging the learning opportunities in building electronic circuitry to achieve specific outcomes, such as building a cold fireplace, or a waving hand activated by sound. Not only is it learning the rules of electricity (though in a safe, 9V battery kind of way, of course), but also cause-and-effect relationships between modules.

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