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Waterproof cases for mobile phones and tablets

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Mobilise your office, maximise your business

Running a business can be hard, especially when its a mobile business - never still long enough to complete the paperwork, so its always backing up for when you finally hit your desk next.


There is an answer.


Mobilise your office, maximise your business.


Powered Life has partnered with technology guru Tech Coach HQ to develop an ebook to help small businesses, especially those in building, trades and construction. The book opens with a Day in the Life of a builder, showing how mobile technology helps deliver client communication, a better use of staff time in admin, access to vital project information and much more.

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Boost your iPad with the right case

Many iPad and iPad Mini users struggle to get good reception or range with their device, especially so in regional and remote locations.


One protective case has gone the extra mile to create a solution that not only makes it easy to use your device anywhere, but actually boosts reception, while reducing the users' absorption of electro magnetic radiation (EMR).

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How to choose the right tough case for your mobile phone

Having invested in great mobile technology, for work and for play, now you need to protect it.

When replacement iPad screens cost around $149, investing in a good quality tough case is kind on your wallet and on your stress level - and keeps you in business.

Tough cases use protective materials including ABS toughened plastic and rubber to give multiple layers of protection. Think of it as a helmet for your portable brain...

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